Due to the overwhelming response (we are currently the 10th-most funded music campaign on Indiegogo EVER), Indiegogo has extended our campaign to the maximum 60 days!  This is amazing news, because more of you will be able to get in on these exclusive pieces of merch, and these special experiences with the band.  What can we say but we appreciate you, our label and supporters, more than words can express.  So, we are re-launching the campaign with brand new preorder perks!  Check out the campaign here.

One Day Left To Get in On the MADNESS 

Signed drumsticks.  Skype Sessions with the band.  Exclusive t-shirt, hoodie, CD, and vinyl.  Secret video studio blog.  Andrew's first song from his side project.  Hear music before anyone else.  You name in the liner notes as executive producer.  And so much more.  There is absolutely no reason to miss out on our Indiegogo campaign, and every reason to be a part of it.  TODAY.  NOW.  HERE.

Exclusive Indiegogo T-shirt 

This is serious Bull Shirt.  It will ONLY be available to our partners on our Indiegogo campaign who select a perk which includes a shirt.  You will be the envy of everyone you know if you get one.  Trust us.  Grab one here.

Writing New Music. 

We are hard at work writing new music.  Could there be a new album in the works soon?  Stay tuned for how YOU can be a big part of it...

Andrew Schwab Now Has a Featured Blog on Patheos! 

We are excited to announce frontman Andrew Schwab now has a featured blog on the biggest blog hosting site on the planet - Patheos.  The theme of his blog is men...guys...bros...and the spiritual issues we face today.  He's had some interesting discussions with Matt Macdonald of The Classic Crime, Reese Roper of FIF, Matt Greiner of August Burns Red, and Dustin Kensrue of Thrice.  Join the dicussion and visit him on Patheos here!

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